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Flat Roofing Aldridge, West Midlands
Flat Roofing - GRP Roofing Aldridge

GRP, Fiberglass Roofing 

by Practical Roofing


  • Tough and hard wearing
  • Lasts at least 20 years
  • Can be repaired if physically damaged
  • Can be extended or re-furbished
  • Prevents illegal access
  • Can be tiled or used as a garden platform
  • Replaces lead and has no intrinsic value to thieves

A properly laid fibreglass roof also known as GRP Roofing, will last for at least 30 years with no measurable deterioration. The new roofing system is laid onto a dry deck in dry conditions at a temperature not below 5°C, this is to ensure complete bonding of the resin to the deck. Typically two men can strip, re-deck, laminate and top coat a roof of about 20 square metres in one day. 


When the deck has been prepared and cleared, the GRP Roofing is carried out in the following sequence.

  1. Trimming: Fitting the edge trims.
  2. Bandaging: Reinforcing the board joints.
  3. Laminating: Applying the GRP membrane.
  4. Top Coating: Applying the final top coat.


The GRP roofing process ensures that your roof is completely sealed; no joints mean that there are no weak points vulnerable to weathering and leaks. There are many colours to choose from to meet your preference and compliment your house. Once installed you won’t have to do any maintenance to the roof, leaving you with total piece of mind. 

GRP Roofing can resist heavy traffic and can be sealed with a non slip coating, therefore suitable for balconies and walkways.